Jason Drewelow is the General Manager with Primus Dental, a planning, design and construction firm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that specializes in dental and medical office facilities.  After being with Primus Dental for seven years as a Marketing Manager and Vice President of Sales, Jason decided that it would benefit the company to have a specific focus on dental construction and he quickly developed in his current role – working with doctors on the strategic planning process to help them find what makes the most sense for their individual practice.  Jason Drewelow’s background in real estate development and pre-construction services has benefitted Primus and has brought about nearly 50 construction projects to the region over the last four years.

Primus Dental believes in helping every dentist they serve to make the best decision possible for their personal situation.  At Primus they understand the complexity that goes into building a dental office and they are with their clients every step of the way from securing a location to office layout and design and working on efficient and sustainable workflow for the offices, patient rooms, waiting rooms and more.

Primus recognizes a number of regulatory bodies and associated rules that must be accomplished when building a dental office.  From ADA to HIPPA and everything in between, Primus takes all of the regulations in stride during the construction process and ensures their clients, in writing, what the cost and schedule of the project will be.  Jason Drewelow ensures this process happens smoothly.

Primus is considered one of the finest dental office specialists in the United States and has earned it by completing over 300 dental office projects in their 20-year history.  They are able to service a variety of dental needs with their specialized team in planning, architectural design, interior design and construction efforts.  Primus is able to guarantee their results and through their methodology called the Primus Integrated Solution System, they are a cut above the rest in the dental construction industry.

When Jason Drewelow isn’t at work he enjoys being with his family.  He spends much of his time coaching his seven and nine year old sons’ sports teams or going snowboarding.  Among his other interests are reading, hiking, biking and watching the Indianapolis Colts.