As the saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a good first impression.” Plus on top of that, you only get less than 10 seconds to make that good first impression. With that in mind, it is so crucial to be able to make that first impression a positive and lasting one especially in the medical field. There are many books and programs out there that are geared towards helping you make that first impression, and while some of them can be effective, they can typically be quite general in their targeted audience. That is where Making The Right Impression comes to play. Making The Right Impression written by strategic master Jason Drewelow is the perfect book that is all about increasing your patient acquisition and retention through dental design and construction by managing the first and last impression your office makes. So considering that you only get 10 seconds to do this, it is imperative to make every little detail count.


The author, Jason Drewelow is the leader of Primus Dental which is a planning, architecture, and management firm that specializes in dental and medical offices. He also serves as a strategic advisor to hundreds of different doctors for an array of situations. Whether it is a practice start-up or large group practices with multiple locations, he provides guidance to help improve their facilities which bring us to his book Making The Right Impression. In this book, you will receive crucial knowledge that is useful to your success as a dentist. Some of this information will be things that might not have been covered in dental school. This book will give you insights to envisioning your new space, deciding to renovate, expand, or build a new practice, picking an optimal location, negotiating and financing your new project, designing your new space from the ground up, and the interior design of successful practices. The kinds of lessons this book with will teach are also numerous. You will learn things such as, why the first impression of your office may be as negative as walking into the DMV and how to fix it, how one independent dentist now sees 80 patients a month which is a 35% increase from his previous numbers as well as how he saved $240,000 in out-of-pocket expenses and 55 words to say to a landlord to “force” them to let you make improvements which can save you time, money, and headaches, plus much more in this incredibly helpful book. Nick Morio DDS MS says “This book should be called: ‘What They Didn’t Teach You in Dental School’ and that it is a must-have for the dentist-turned business owner.


Now usually for books of this nature, you can expect to spend a pretty penny given all the information you are going to receive. What makes Making The Right Impression so great is that you get the book with all this useful knowledge completely free of charge. This means you will have the opportunity to dive in the mind of the leader of dental planning and design and it will not even cost you a dime. So if you are looking to take that leap and find ways to grow your dental business, head over to and sign up for your free copy today!